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Welcome Visitors!

This web page presents a fairly mainstream Evangelical View of Endtimes subjects

How you use this web page depends on your objectives. If you want to get educated about what many Evangelicals believe and why, read the Intro, Groundwork, and Conclusion sections to see how it all fits together. If you're looking for more in-depth information for personal study, follow through each section of the web page from top to bottom using the Table of Contents on the left. The sections are designed to start with the basic concepts and foundational issues, and then move to detailed analysis of key prophetic books and passages. Current events commentary can be found at the bottom of the Table of Contents, although we're not interested in date-setting based on current events. Links to some key material is found by clicking on the tabs at the top of this page.

A Message to Christians

The objective of this web page is not to preach a gloom and doom message, even though there is some of that in the Bible, and it is quite frankly not to convince those that disagree theologically and are looking for someone to debate with. As much fun as that might be, there aren't enough hours in the day. My objective is only to make the page informational, and the rest is between you and God. The information found in the pages here come from a Dispensational point of view. Neither myself nor the contributing writers claim to have it all perfect.

This is therefore not your typical Endtimes web page, with nothing more than assertions and speculations about current events. I have written a couple of articles here in regards to current events, but it is not the thrust of the site.

Unfortunately, life has been too busy with work to put the time into this site that it deserves. Hopefully that will change.


Mark Esposito